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California - love my drought tolerant lawn!
Pearl's Premium Blog: A Tale of Two Lawns
To paraphrase the opening of Charles Dickens' Tale of Two Cities, "it was the best of times and the worst of times." He could as easily have been describing the year 2010. We find ourselves in a time of great economic and environmental challenge. Of all the challenges water is the sleeping...
Let the "Johnny Grass Seed" Tour Begin!
 As a landscaper with an interest in protecting our Earth and my clients, their pets and families, Pearl's Premium seemed like a perfect solution to reconcile my environmental conscience and desire for a lush, green lawn.  A few months ago I was invited to join the talented team behind...
Raise your hands in the air and repent!
 We woke up after one of the best sleeps ever had in a pop-up camper (more on our sustainable camper later) to the sound of a Doberman Pinscher relieving himself on our wheel.  We didn’t mind because we’re pet-friendly!  After a stretch and some coffee we headed out on the first leg...
Bourbon and Candy
The past week has been a blur!  We’ve met so many unique and helpful people in Kentucky and Ohio.  Along with lovely green spaces and a friendly atmosphere, we have found likeminded folks with an earth-friendly attitude. We even passed a store with something for everyone (see the picture...