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Safelawns Foundation logoPearl's Premium is a proud sponsor of, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting natural lawn care and grounds maintenance. 

Led by Paul Tukey, author of The Organic Lawn Care has raised national attention about the risks of chemical-based lawn care. The organization's full-length documentary, A Chemical Reaction, chronicles the origins of the anti-lawn pesticide movement, and their many educational and advocacy efforts are making a huge difference.

"When I met Paul, I realized instantly that we shared the same passion. When you talk about lawn, grass seed is where it all begins, and Pearl's Premium is the seed to chose, but then you have another very critical choice - how to maintain your lawn. provides the inspiration and information to maintain a healthy, safe lawn." 

Jackson Madnick, developer of Pearl's Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed

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When you buy from Pearl's Premium, use the promotion code "Safelawns" at checkout, we will deduct $1.50 from your purchase and match that amount to contribute $3.00 to Thank you for your help.