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Cut Your Carbon Footprint!

Cut Your Carbon Footprint with Low Water Grass

A well-established Pearl’s Premium lawn can decrease your carbon footprint in four ways:

  1. Less Chemicals: you can cut your use of carbon-intensive chemicals. A Pearl's Premium lawn only needs an organic fertilizer or composting  to stay green, especially if you leave the clippings. 
  2. Less Watering: you may seldom or never need to pour drinking water on your lawn again. Remember, most lawns are irrigated with the same water we drink - that's energy-intensive filtered, treated, pumped and paid for.
  3. Less Mowing: you only need to use that polluting lawn mower once a month and not weekly, or never if left to go to a three inch high meadow. A typical lawn mower produces as much carbon in an hour as a mid-sized car, fully-loaded, produces in 11 hours of driving!
  4. More Oxygen: your Pearl's Premium lawn, properly maintained, produces dramatically less carbon than the typical American lawn. A university study demonstrated that fescue grass blends like Pearl's Premium, cut 3" high, produce 5,760 times more oxygen than carbon in 24 hours. The same study found that a bluegrass lawn, cut one inch high, produces oxygen and carbon in a 1-to-1 ratio. It's like having your very own carbon sink in your backyard!

Enjoy the ultimate green lawn and do your share to lessen global warming and climate change.

Create your own carbon sink in your back yard!