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Fall or Early Spring is the best time of year to plant or any time soil temperatures are between 50 and 70 degrees F


Dudley Pond Lawn

Its NOT too good to be true!


US Patented & World Wide Patent Pending

Over 400,000 Lawns Installed Already

10 Years of Intense Research & Testing

Mow Only Once a Month

Try my Pearl's Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed. It grows so slowly you'll only have to mow it once a month. Imagine the money and time you'll save! ~ Jackson Madnick, Seed Developer

Seldom or Never Water

Pearl's Premium is extremely drought tolerant. Water one month. Then, seldom or never water again! ~ Nancy's Lawn, mid-July without watering

Thrives Without Chemicals

Pearl's Premium grass seed thrives without chemicals for a people, pet and planet friendly lawn ~ Zoe, Our Spokes Dog

Secret is in the Roots

Pearl's Premium grows slowly above ground. Below ground, it can put down 36" roots, tapping into naturally occurring moisture and nutrients ~ Mark, landscaper, displays the Pearl's Premium secret

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  • Saves hundreds of dollars in lawn watering, fertilizer and mowing each season
  • Never / seldom needs watering once established (drought tolerant grass seed)*
  • Grass grows so slowly, only needs cutting once a month
  • Thrives without chemicals and pesticides
  • Eliminates hours of lawn mowing and lawn maintenance each month
  • Cuts your carbon footprint
  • Stands up to heat (sunny mix); grows in deep shade (shady mix)
  • Creates a lush beautiful organic lawn
  • Eco friendly lawn stays green all year long

Try our eco friendly grass seed. Other people have and they love it!

*Using the USDA Hardiness Zone Map, Pearl's may need supplemental watering after established in Zones 7-10.  Please note that you still should be able to cut back your watering by 75%!  Zones 2-6 should water once a week deeply during drought

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ABC TV Rave Review

Our award-winning Pearl's Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed has been featured on ABC TV a second time! Click here to see the ABC news story.

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