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Let the "Johnny Grass Seed" Tour Begin!

Apr 7 2010
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As a landscaper with an interest in protecting our Earth and my clients, their pets and families, Pearl's Premium seemed like a perfect solution to reconcile my environmental conscience and desire for a lush, green lawn. 

A few months ago I was invited to join the talented team behind the scenes at Pearl's Premium to help spread the word about Pearl's Premium and sustainable lawn care.  I eagerly accepted.  After lots of prep Jackson and I have embarked on a 12 state Johnny Grass Seed tour of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region.

We are traveling in a low impact trailer that only reduces our gas mileage by one gallon per one hundred miles, self contained and budget-wise.  I look forward to meeting all of you and hearing what America has to say about truly green lawns. 

Here's one of the first guys we met. He sure got a kick out of our trailer (shown in "pop-down" mode).

Pearls Premium Trailer and Admirer

We'll be going to some places I've never been before and, although I know I'll miss sleeping in my own bed at night and being close to my friends and family (and my cat, MJ!), I'm very excited to be a part of this journey and cause.