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Key Benefits

Pearl's Premium patent pending grass seed blends enable an ultra low maintenance approach to lawn care that can save you time and money:

Saving Time with Pearl's Premium Saving Money with Pearl's Premium
Mow 1 week a month, relax the other 3MowingPay less often
Water much less or never againWateringCut your water bill
Spread organic fertilizer or compost 1-2 times a yearTreating

To capture the full benefit of ultra low maintenance lawn care, plant Pearl's Premium and closely follow our low maintenance lawn care instructions.

Other Key Benefits:

For People & PetsFor The Planet
Lush, barefoot soft grassNative and adaptive (not genetically-modified) seed
Greener year-round, even in winterCut your carbon footprint
Using organic lawn care prodcuts reduces chemicals on lawns, paws and feetProtects lakes and rivers from chemical run-off

What's the Secret? Its in the roots!