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Pearl's Premium Blog: A Tale of Two Lawns

Apr 6 2010
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To paraphrase the opening of Charles Dickens' Tale of Two Cities, "it was the best of times and the worst of times." He could as easily have been describing the year 2010. We find ourselves in a time of great economic and environmental challenge. Of all the challenges water is the sleeping giant that must be dealt with. And one of the greatest challenges to clean, clear drinking water is the ever-present lawn that surrounds our homes and businesses.40 million acres of lawn makes grass America's largest crop. We pour 30% of our precious drinking water on our lawn - water that we've paid to pipe, pump, treat, chlorinate nS fluoridate! Ever wonder why there's a water ban after a week of rain? Did you know that many communities use 3 to 5 times the amount of water on a warm summer day than they use on a winter day.

An explosive growth of medical and health problems have been linked to lawn care chemicals - fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides and herbicides used on our lawns. Problems like learning and behavioral disorders for children, asthma, Parkinson's Disease, cancer, leukemia, you name it.
Then, there is the run-off problem: 50 - 80 % of lawn care chemicals we put on our lawns run-off into our surface waters - the ponds, streams and lakes we fish, swim, boat and bathe in - and can even find their way into our drinking waters.
Pond choked by invasive weeds fed by lawn chemicals
Take a look at this beautiful pond, tragically choked by invasive feeds fed by lawn chemicals. With apologies to Dickens, it is truly the "worst of lawns!"
So, I set out in search of the "best of lawns." After eight years' research, development and testing, the result was Pearl's Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed - a breakthrough lawn seed. A Pearl's Premium lawn does not need chemical fertilizer to stay green or watering after it is established or mowing more often than once a month. That's less chemicals in our environment, less precious water wasted and less mower exhaust in our air. See the story of how it was developed on our web site,
This spring we are on a journey to crisscross  the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic in our Pearl's Premium sustainable, pop up trailer.  Our mission is to spread the word about sustainable lawns and Pearl's Premium into the backyards of America. We are visiting 12 states and Washington, DC, stopping at town halls, festivals and events and Whole Foods Market stores. We are setting up demo tables and giving free workshops along the way. 
We hope you'll come out to say hello along the way or follow us via our blog - the Tale of Two Lawns! In our blog we will share our story about the beautiful people and places we visit while traveling and spreading the word about sustainable lawn care and the best of lawns!