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"Pearl's Premium is the real thing" -- Adriana, Belmont

"Last fall I was looking for options on organic lawns. A neighbor saw the segment about Pearl's Premium on Channel 5 news and told me about it. My first feeling was that it was way too good to be true, but .. I had a Pearl's Premium lawn installed and every single claim made on the website became a reality in front of my eyes.

I have the best lawn in town, and it's all done without any chemicals! Very few weeds, I am mowing it once per month - this is really the most amazing part of it! - I don't need to water it.

Comparing to the other lawns (in my neighborhood) - all full of chemicals and watered several times per day by expensive sprinkle systems, my lawn has amazingly few weeds. How many? Well, ...I have been successfully controlling them only by hand pulling them. The other nice feature is that my lawn is green all winter long. And here is another little secret not mentioned on the website: (I don't know why but it seems to) it repels mosquitoes!. 

The landscaping company I use for the flower beds could not believe the extent of the root system of my Pearl's lawn. The roots of my super grass are deep and almost impossible to penetrate, hard to get into to edge the flower beds! No wonder the weeds are having such a hard time!  Keeping the grass about 3-4 inches long is also extremely helpful at preventing weeds since the weed seeds and roots are always shaded. I am going to follow the Pearl's Premium "recipe" further this fall and [convert] my back yard lawn.

I can't recommend this seed highly enough. I feel fantastic about having this lawn not only because of the little work it requires but mostly because of the positive impact it has on my family and on the environment. I don't feel guilty for wasting natural resources or making my family sick from using chemicals or negatively impacting the environment just for the sake of having a green lawn!

This is the real thing, a gardener's dream - go for it, you'll be very happy you did! The best of all is that you REALLY have to mow it only ONCE a month, it is that slow growing."

Adriana, Belmont,  MA