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Choosing the Right Grass Seed for Your Lawn

Jun 14 2022
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Does it matter which grass to choose for your lawn? After all, it’s just grass. Does selecting a particular lawn seed matter? You'll want to read further for some interesting facts about grass seed and lawns. 

Is Moss A Problem On Your Lawn?

May 22 2017
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The best way to tackle moss is to consider what conditions in and around your soil make it the perfect environment for moss to thrive in.  Generally speaking, moss exists where the conditions are anything but good for turf.  Compact soil, low fertility, soil acidity, excess moisture with bad drainage, inadequate soil depth and deep shade are all possible reasons why you may be growing moss instead of turf. The trick to keeping moss away is by promoting a healthy lawn.


Control Grubs With Pearl's Premium

May 2 2017
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Photo:  Installing a rain garden (in the foreground) did not solve this water runoff issue.  Once Pearl’s Premium was planted, long roots (12-48") not only absorbed the runoff water, but took care of the grub problem as well!

Planting A Lawn By Hydroseeding

Apr 26 2017
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We at Pearl's Premium want you to have a great lawn.  Because soil temperatures may be too high this time of the year in some parts of the country, please check your soil temperature on our website.  On the home page in the upper left hand corner, click on the green button, "Is it grass planting time in my area"?  Your local soil temperatures need to be between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  If in that range, you are ready to plant.

If hotter you have two options:

Tips For Overseeding An Existing Lawn With Pearl's Premium

Apr 12 2017
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Tips For Overseeding An Existing Lawn With Pearl's Premium

  • Cut your lawn extremely short and surface rake away clippings.  Do not de-thatch in spring.
  • Pearl's Premium generally outcompetes the old lawn and weeds.

Time for Some Low Maintenance Lawn Calisthenics

Apr 6 2011
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Spring Clean-up

Pretty hard to tell it's spring lately... 3” of snow on April 1 was a cruel April Fool’s joke, and cold weather has kept soil temperatures hovering just below the all-important 50-degree mark when grass seed germinates. 

But the weather is turning now, its supposed to reach the 60’s this coming weekend!

So, for all of you who aren’t watching the Masters this weekend – my business partner tells me that’s a big golf game? – its time to get out and do some lawn calisthenics!

Sequestering Carbon in Your Back Yard... Let's Do It!

Mar 17 2011
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US Map Showing Turfgrass AreasThere's a lot of lawn out there. NASA used its Earth Observatory (see map) to estimate over 40 million acres of lawn! That's 3x the amount of area sowed in corn. That's the largest irrigated crop in America. That's big!

Grass Looks Good in Green Roof Experiment

Dec 26 2010
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We have been so busy helping people and organizations convert their existing lawns to Pearl's Premium low maintenance sustainable lawns that we don't always have time to do the new things we know we need to do.

So, the day before my extended family was coming to town was probably not the time to install a green roof. But when the inspiration strikes and the window opens...

Here's our Pearl's Premium green roof demonstration project.

Pearl's Premium Green Roof

GreenBuild 2010 Blows into Windy City Showcasing Sustainable Construction in City Renowned for Building Innovation

Nov 26 2010
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Pearl's Premium was proud to participate in the leading sustainable construction event of the year. Sponsored by the U.S. Green Building Council, the same people who brought us L.E.E.D., GreenBuild is a clearinghouse for innovative ideas and products and an opportunity to network with all the critical constituencies as we further our mission to make the American lawn sustainable. Oh, and Chicago is a great town to spend a few days! Great restaurants, museums, parks and shopping, Chicago is also home to some of the most important developments in modern architecture.

Renewed Sustainable Lawn Mission at GreenBuild 2010

Nov 19 2010
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Pearl's Premium GreenBuild 2010 Booth