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Time for Some Low Maintenance Lawn Calisthenics

Apr 6 2011
Jackson Madnick's picture

Spring Clean-up

Pretty hard to tell it's spring lately... 3” of snow on April 1 was a cruel April Fool’s joke, and cold weather has kept soil temperatures hovering just below the all-important 50-degree mark when grass seed germinates. 

But the weather is turning now, its supposed to reach the 60’s this coming weekend!

So, for all of you who aren’t watching the Masters this weekend – my business partner tells me that’s a big golf game? – its time to get out and do some lawn calisthenics!

In that spirit, we've launched a Seasonal Lawn Tips page on the site. You'll find it along with instructions, FAQs and other useful information under FAQs & Help on our site.

To get you started, here are a few steps you can take to spring clean your lawn and get some exercise in the process:

  • Rake Away Debris - a vigorous rake with a flexible rake will remove winter debris and thatch and make the lawn look better immediately
  • Aerate the Soil - if you didn't aerate last fall or your lawn feels particularly hard when you walk on it, the chances are it’s compacted. Renting an aerator to remove plugs will allow oxygen, nutrients and water in more easily penetrate to the grass root structure
  • Spread Lime - spread 40 pounds of pellet lime for every 1,000 square feet of lawn
  • Add Nutrients - spread 1/4" of organic compost or an organic fertilizer (follow coverage information on bag) to add nutrients in spring (before growth) and fall
  • Over-seed your Pearl's Premium Lawn - consider a spring over-seeding to thicken up your lawn but do it soon so the grass has the maximum chance to get established before those dreaded weeds set in.

We'll talk weeds next time. For now, just happy thoughts!