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Planting A Lawn By Hydroseeding

Apr 26 2017
Jackson Madnick's picture

We at Pearl's Premium want you to have a great lawn.  Because soil temperatures may be too high this time of the year in some parts of the country, please check your soil temperature on our website.  On the home page in the upper left hand corner, click on the green button, "Is it grass planting time in my area"?  Your local soil temperatures need to be between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  If in that range, you are ready to plant.

If hotter you have two options:

  1. Plant now with enough water or wait to plant until fall.  Keep your seed in a container (away from mice) in a cool area.  In this environment, we guarantee our seeds will sprout for up to 18 months.
  2. Plant our seeds at any temperature between 45 and 110 degrees heat by using the "Hydroseed" method of planting, and be sure to water enough.  Your hydroseeder will give you instructions on how to water in your area.  You will know the hydroseed mix is moist enough by its darker green color.  When too dry, it turns light blue, so you will need to water again.  In the hydroseed method of installation, our seed is mixed with ground up newspaper emulsion, along with a small amount of organic fertilizer to help start the seeds.  Ask for a "tacifier" to be added to help stick everything in place.  It is then sprayed on the area to be planted.  In a few weeks, after the grass grows out of the hydroseed mix, the mix will disappear into the soil.

To find a hydroseeder in your area, go to the Internet and type in "hydroseed" along with your zip code.

Cost:  Generally, hydroseeding will cost $.05/sq.ft. for large areas to $.08-$.10/sq.ft. for smaller areas.  You provide Pearl's Premium seed to the person with the hydroseed truck.  Make sure you or someone you know is there to check that it is actually Pearl's Premium seed going into the hydroseed tank, and not a contractor seed by accident.

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