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Grass Looks Good in Green Roof Experiment

Dec 26 2010
Jackson Madnick's picture

We have been so busy helping people and organizations convert their existing lawns to Pearl's Premium low maintenance sustainable lawns that we don't always have time to do the new things we know we need to do.

So, the day before my extended family was coming to town was probably not the time to install a green roof. But when the inspiration strikes and the window opens...

Here's our Pearl's Premium green roof demonstration project.

Pearl's Premium Green Roof

I installed it with advice from my friend and green roof advocate, Dr. Karen Webber. It resides on a shed roof on the south side of our house and consists of a solid membrane, a very cool (and a bit expensive) green roof "soil" with a flashing around the edges to retain the soil and plant materials. I planted Pearl's Premium ultra low maintenance lawn grass from seed along with a variety of sedum plants. It looks beautiful and the grass came up quickly. Stay tuned to see how well it holds up through a tough New England winter and the high heat and sun exposure on the south side of our house.

Events have a way of forcing action. Its supposed to snow a real "nor'easter" so I thought I'd better take the photo and post the blog before the roof looks like a giant white blob!