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Company News

Q1 Highlights

Preliminary Q1 results are in. Here are a few sales highlights:

Sales = Approximately $125k, made up of:

  1. Web - $21k
  2. Retail - $91k ($76k Whole Foods)
  3. Commercial - $13k

Year-over-year comparison data is not fully meaningful at this stage because we incorporated in mid-Q1 2011 but a few indicators are encouraging:

Building Infrastructure

We've got a lot cooking on the infrastructure side too:


  1. Forums - The launch of Forums gives us a vehicle to share news and kick around ideas JOIN IN!
  2. Sales Meetings - Regular sales meetings (every other Tuesday at 11am) give us visibility into the pipeline and sales issues Great job Mike
  3. Team Meetings - Regular team meetings (every Friday at Fan Pier) give us a chance to review / prioritize activities

Internet Fulfillment:

Spring is Heating Up!

Spring is heating up! Here's some of what's happening: