Building Infrastructure

We've got a lot cooking on the infrastructure side too:


  1. Forums - The launch of Forums gives us a vehicle to share news and kick around ideas JOIN IN!
  2. Sales Meetings - Regular sales meetings (every other Tuesday at 11am) give us visibility into the pipeline and sales issues Great job Mike
  3. Team Meetings - Regular team meetings (every Friday at Fan Pier) give us a chance to review / prioritize activities

Internet Fulfillment:

  1. UPS Integration - With a few clicks of a button, we can now ship an order via UPS, streamlining that process by minutes for each order
  2. Bass River - The team at Bass River is now picking, packing and shipping our orders, streamlining that process for a very reasonable cost

Other Tools:

  1. Calendar - Bibiana has set up the Pearl's Premium calendar on Google. Make sure you're subscribed. Great job Bibiana!
  2. Drop Box - Bibiana is setting up a central repository for all our shared documents. Look for that very soon.