Spring is Heating Up!

Spring is heating up! Here's some of what's happening:

  • Product and Merchandisers are being shipped to Whole Foods over the next couple weeks. Marge Dean has already scheduled demos in-store to start in late March. Whole Foods Northeast (NY, NJ, SoCT) just signed up for 8 stores too!
  • Mahoney's has submitted a purchase order and will have product next week. That gives us great coverage in Mass. and fills in big void on the Cape where Whole Foods isn't located.
  • Internet orders are picking up quickly - over $5k in first 2 weeks of March (double entire month of February)!
  • We launched a new product, Phydura. Its an organic weed and grass killer that lawn owners can use to kill their existing lawn and give Pearl's Premium the best chance to get established. 

What is happening with you?