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"Give this stuff a try and just relax." -- Steve, Norwell

"We cannot begin to say enough good things about this (Pearl's Premium Lawn Seed) product. I originally learned about Pearl's through a donation to the North South River Watershed Association ( We have struggled with the "traditional" big-box store multi-stage solutions, spent tons of money on fertilizer and lots of hard work that still left me wondering what I was still doing wrong .

Then, we tried Pearl's. Now, it is true that this summer's cool and wet weather has been a lawn-growers paradise, but when planted right next to some other green lawn fluff in a bag that I had been using to patch a bad area, there’s no comparison. The Pearl's simply took off and now looks tremendous. In a side-by side comparison, it is so clear which seed is the Pearl's - same ground, same soil, nothing else is different. The bag says to water it for a month (then never again) but that was not even the case since Mother Nature has been so helpful this summer with plenty of rainwater to do the work .

If you are still hoping to have a pretty green lawn this summer and are thinking you must be doing something wrong, spend a few extra bucks once, give this stuff a try and just relax. Stop buying chemicals and pouring all your expensive drinking water on the ground.

I also can strongly recommend the 'longer (cut taller) is better' approach to lawn maintenance...not only does the grass look great and need no watering but less time spent on a mower cutting it and more time spent in your bare feet playing on it is what its all about, right?"

Steve, Norwell, MA