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Pearl's Premium Saves You Time, Money & Water

  • Saves hundreds of dollars in lawn watering, fertilizer and mowing each season
  • Never / seldom needs watering once established (drought tolerant grass seed)*
  • Grass grows so slowly, only needs cutting once a month
  • Thrives without chemicals and pesticides
  • Eliminates hours of lawn mowing and lawn maintenance each month
  • Cuts your carbon footprint
  • Stands up to heat (sunny mix); grows in deep shade (shady mix)
  • Creates a lush beautiful organic lawn
  • Eco friendly lawn stays green all year long

Try our eco friendly grass seed. Other people have and they love it!

*Using the USDA Hardiness Zone Map, Pearl's may need supplemental watering after established in Zones 7-10.  Please note that you still should be able to cut back your watering by 75%!  Zones 2-6 should water once a week deeply during drought times if possible during the first 18 months until roots are able to tap into natural water and nutrients.