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"I feel like I'm in Ireland!" -- Landscaper and cancer survivor, Boston

"I am a landscape designer who has worked in the Boston area for 26 years. In that time I have been in constant contact with lawns that use pesticides. I have had cancer twice in the last 21 years. During this time I have never used chemicals on my own lawn. This spring I installed Pearl’s Premium in my yard. The seed has come in thick and lush - even under my two ancient sugar maples where nothing has ever grown.

Friends and clients are just floored with the results! As expected, in parts of the lawn that had previously been totally weeds, some crabgrass and clover have popped up. But it’s hardly noticeable in the overall effect of the lawn.

I feel like I'm in Ireland. The grass is a deep, emerald green. I have yet to mow it eight weeks later - it really is slow growing! And most importantly, I can make a sound and ecologically responsible referral to my clients who want a lawn."

Landscaper, Boston, MA