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Q: Where does Pearl's Premium grow?
A: Pearl's is growing in all 50 United States and Canada!  In warmer climates, you will want to plant in the early Spring or late Fall as soon as soil temperfatures came down to 70 degrees F or as low as they get in your area).   In warmer climates you may need to water up to twice per day to keep the soil moist for 30 days.  Then you will want to water it deeply with an inch of water once or twice a week in the warmer months, watering at dawn. Adopt organic lawn care practices like core aerating your lawn once per year, spreading organic fertilizer 1-2X per year, cutting high (minimum of 3") to further drought resistance and use a sharp blade to cut your lawn, leaving the clippings behind which return the nutrients to the soil.

Q:  My lawn has different sun conditions.  I think most of my lawn would work with the 'Sunny' mix.  However, part of it definitely would require the 'Shady' version.  How noticeable will it be where these two sections meet?  Is the color different?
A: The color is subtly different, but you can overlap the seeds a little to make the transition quite smooth. Some people mix the two Pearl's Premium grass seeds together and spread everywhere and the appropiate seed will prosper for the right light level.

Q: Does Pearl's Premium Grass Seed grow on pure sand or in new construction?
A: It grows in partially sandy soil, but if it is either all sand or the soil has been stripped away, as is sometimes the case with new construction, or your soil is junk fill, you need to put in 2 to 3+ inches of new soil over the sand, sub soil or fill soil, before putting down seed.

Q:  Can Pearl's Premium grass seed stand up to heavy traffic, children or dogs? Can I use it on playing fields?
A:Pearl's Premium grass seed is good for light to medium traffic and abuse. Kids and dogs playing on it over a wide area are fine. Note: Keep off the lawn for one month to allow it to get established. But if a dog runs in the same small circle, he/she will wear it out. This seed is not well suited  to the intense use of a baseball or soccer field. In the future, we will work on a different grass for high intensity low maintenance use.  But for now Pearl’s Premium is fine for a town green or general town landscaping needs or your front or back lawn.

Q: Will Pearl's Premium grow under maple and other large trees?
A: Yes. The “Shady” mix will, but it needs to be watered for a longer period during the establishing period and summer of the first year, because the grass has to compete with the tree leaves and the tree roots for water in order to get established. By the next summer, a Pearl's Premium lawn will be fine under the tree.