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Where does Pearl's Premium grow?

Q: Where does Pearl's Premium grow?
A: Pearl's is growing in all 50 United States and Canada!  In warmer climates, you will want to plant in the early Spring or late Fall as soon as soil temperfatures came down to 70 degrees F or as low as they get in your area).   In warmer climates you may need to water up to twice per day to keep the soil moist for 30 days.  Then you will want to water it deeply with an inch of water once or twice a week in the warmer months, watering at dawn. Adopt organic lawn care practices like core aerating your lawn once per year, spreading organic fertilizer 1-2X per year, cutting high (minimum of 3") to further drought resistance and use a sharp blade to cut your lawn, leaving the clippings behind which return the nutrients to the soil.