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What are the best times to plant Pearl's Premium?

Q: What are the best times to plant Pearl's Premium?
A: The spring and fall are the best times to plant Pearl's Premium. If you plant in the spring, research shows that grass seed sprouts best when the ground temperature is between 60°- 70° F. This varies by location but is usually from the 4th week in April up until the second or third week in May in the Northeast.  Fall is ideal because the heat and weeds of summer are past. In the Northeast, fall planting typcially takes place from the fourth week in August to the first week in October. In October, I would suggest a nesting of the seed under 1/4 inch of organic compost. For later planting and colder climates, I would suggest hydroseeding to protect the seed and accelerate growth. In other sections of the country, wait until soil temperature is between 70° to 60° F in the fall, or the beginning of the rainy season. When in doubt, put a soil thermometer in the ground to measure 3 inches down or call a local agricultural school to ask about soil temperature.