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How quickly does Pearl's Premium germinate? We planted the seed two weeks ago and haven't seen anything yet!

Pearl's Premium mixes are blended from premium seeds with high germination rates. However, many conditions conspire to affect the speed of germination. In many cases the seed germinates in as little as 5 to 7 days. In other cases, seed can take more than two weeks to germinate. Remember, one of the real benefits of Pearl's Premium is its slow growth rate. So, germination can take time and even after initial germination the grass can be barely visible for some time. If you haven't seen germination after three weeks, it may indicate that the seed was planted too deep (never sow deeper than 1/4" into soil) or that weather or soil conditions were very unfavorable. If you haven't seen grass pop up after three weeks, contact us. We'd like to hear what conditions you experienced and offer our advice to ensure you get proper germination. Be sure to follow installation instructions carefully for best results!