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Solar Wind Car on Sustainable Grass Guys' Turf

Aug 27 2010
Jackson Madnick's picture

Solar-Wind-Car-Sustainable-GrassIt turns out there's a lot in common between automobiles and lawns. Like your typical car, the typical American lawn consumes a tremendous amount of resources and leaves a large carbon footprint behind. And, unfortunately, Americans can't get enough of either!

A different automobile - lawn paradigm was on display at my home in Wayland this week (photo at left). Marc Muller dropped by to learn how our Pearl's Premium sustainable grass seed mixes are cutting the carbon foot print of lawns with less mowing, less watering and no chemicals and to show off his own very cool car.

Muller is a Swiss engineer who is touring the world - 30 countries on 4 continents - in a solar and wind powered car. This high tech marvel was developed by ICARE, a Swiss-based non-profit group dedicated to developing sustainable solutions for the planet. The car is super light and tows a trailer packed with solar panels to recharge on sunny days and sports a wind turbine that can be deployed when parked to recharge when its windy.

We tried to fit some Pearl's Premium grass in the car for the trip, but its a tight fit!