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Less Mowing Grass Means More Running for Fun

Sep 12 2010
Jackson Madnick's picture

Dudley Fun Run and Pearl's Premium WinnerPearl's Premium was proud to sponsor this year's edition of the Dudley Pond 5k Fun Run. The event includes competitive runs for men and women, a kids run and a family walk. The Dudley Pond Association which sponsors the event was founded in 1968 and has taken a leadership role in addressing water quality issues, including invasive weeds and lawn chemical run-off that threaten lovely Dudley Pond (a favorite fishing hole for Babe Ruth back in the day).

I developed Pearl's Premium because of the challenges facing Dudley Pond, where I live with Pearl, Betsy and Zoe. I wanted to find a grass seed that would be beautiful - because that's what Americans want - but also healthy - because traditional American lawns are polluting our watershed with lawn chemical run-off. Fully 30% of East Coast Water is used for lawn watering and 50-80% of lawn chemicals are washed off into the watershed because of that overwatering. Because Pearl's Premium grows 1/4 the rate of bluegrass and puts down 12" roots, it can thrive without lawn chemicals and excessive watering. That makes it a healthy choice for homeowners near ponds, streams or, well, anywhere!

It turns out that slow growing Pearl's Premium has other benefits too. Because our grass requires much less mowing, you have more time for fun stuff like participating in the Dudley Pond Fun Run! Lynn McDonald of Wayland displays her trophy for winning the Dudley Fun Run Walk and her Pearl's Premium Shady Mix won in the raffle. "We have a lot of shady lawn where grass doesn't grow very well. So, the Pearl's Premium will be great for us." So, is she smiling more because of the trophy or the grass seed?