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GreenScapes Lawn & Garden Services

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GreenScapes Lawn & Garden Services, Inc.
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Business Description: 
GreenScapes provides its clients with an environmentally conscious set of solutions. All services are delivered by accredited Organic Landcare Professionals and/or EPA Watersense partners. For the residential market, we provide organic landcare programs, chemical free pest management and irrigation services. We install, maintain, service systems and offer a retrofit program to convert spray to drip systems in garden and shrub areas. For commercial or property management firms our primary service focuses on water conservation through irrigation system audits and upgrades. Migrating to smart or intelligent controllers, scheduling systems and remote management of systems are provided as services to support sustainable landscapes On top of water conservation, our organic landcare and pest management programs are also available to commercial and sites managed by property management firms. These services can add value to the properties by meeting the environmental standards being added daily, improve relations with towns and DEP, enhance curb appeal and reduce chemical pollution and waste.
Service Area: 
Greater Boston area, including Boston, Cambridge, Arlington, Lexington, Belmont, Newton, Concord, Weston, Wellesley, Lincoln and surrounding towns
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Arlington, MA 02476