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3 ways to Green your garden with sustainable landscape.......

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1. Low Maintenance Grass Seed

Pearl's Premium is low-maintenance and drought-tolerant grass seed that needs little or no water and very little mowing. The company recommends using organic fertilizer or compost once or twice a year, which reduces the harmful runoff that is typical of today's landscaping.

Pearl's Premium is a blend of five native or adapted fescues (grass species) - meaning it is not genetically modified. It comes in Sunny, Shady, or Sun-Shade mixture, depending on the landscape's sun exposure.

Pearl's Premium grass seed can be purchased through the company's website, at Whole Foods, or from a variety of other stores. On the company's website, it retails for $35.95 for a 5 lb bag (1,000 square feet), $165.95 for a 25 lb bag (5,000 square feet), and $295.95 for a 50 lb bag (10,000 square feet).

The company claims that the product will pay for itself in a few weeks because of the money saved on water, fertilizer and treatments.

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