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GoGreen Web Directory recognizes Pearls Premium

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Pearl's Premium Lawn Seed produces an extremely beautiful, lush, ultra low maintenance lawn with 12 inch roots that seldom or never needs water after it is established. It grows so slowly, you cut it only once a month during the summer! Plant right over existing lawns. Sold retail at Whole Foods Markets, Mahoney's Garden Centers, & at Please visit our website for wholesale locations.


High maintenance lawn care is expensive, time-consuming, toxic and ultimately unsustainable. Health Magazine featured a story about the 12 most toxic things in your home environment, noting that a chemically-maintained lawn is the single most toxic thing inside or outside your home! A new approach to lawn care is over-due for so many reasons:

Run off and unnecessary health risks: A stagering amount of chemicals are used every year on lawns. Between 50% and 80% of lawn care chemicals run off lawns with the rain and into storm drains, ending up in the watershed or local ponds, causing algal blooms and feeding the invasive weeds out of control. Again, the majority of lawn chemicals is feeding the invasive weeds in our ponds, not on your lawn!


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