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Eco Friendly Lawn-Grass That Saves Money & Time - Pet Friendly!
Eco Friendly Lawn Tips ~  Once you go Green, you never go back!  However if your lawn has been treated with chemicals in the past, achieving a thriving organic lawn and garden that is Ultra Low Maintenance will take a little up front effort!  Pearl’s Premium is here to help you get...
Pearl's Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed
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Soil Temperatures
NOTE: The color key under the map shows the colors from green to light orange that shows 50 to 75 degrees F. People ask: "Will it grow where I am?" The answer: Yes, our grass grows in all 50 states, but you need to start the grass when your soil temperature is in one of these colors to indicate...
Ways To Make The Most of Your Lawn
Each year, American homeowners collectively spend millions and millions of dollars on lawn care products -- everything from drought resistant grass to ultra-organic mulch, new sprinkler head that use less water and computer controls that tie into the local weather to use less water when it is not...
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