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Why Choose Pearl’s Premium

Mar 14 2015


Other lawn seeds use harmful chemicals that are very dangerous. 50% - 80% of lawn care chemicals run off lawns with the rain and into storm drains, ending up in the watershed or local ponds, causing algal blooms and feeding invasive weeds out of control. Then, more harmful pesticides are used to counteract all the weeds that have grown. This increases health risk to children, pets and the elderly and increases school department budgets from learning and behavioral disorders caused by the lawn care chemicals. 


Also, using other lawn seeds require you to waste energy. Using the type of water we drink that is filtered for lawn care frequently, is a huge waste of energy. Producing commercial fertilizers from petroleum is energy intensive, and costs are rising as oil prices rise. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, running a typical lawn mower for an hour is 11 times more polluting than running a mid-size car full of people and luggage for an hour. However, with Pearl's Premium you will only have to mow once a month!


It is estimated that lawn care used 50% of our county’s potable water. Especially in summer season, water use grows to levels of 3 - 5 times higher than winter water use. Use of nitrogen-rich chemical fertilizers and fast growing shallow-rooted grasses exacerbates the problem. Many lawn seeds require intense watering schedules, but not with Pearl’s Premium.


Pearl’s Premium is the best solution for a healthy green grass with out any harmful chemicals and wasting water!