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Tips for a Brand New Lawn!

Feb 23 2015

 When deciding to plant all new lawn, Pearl’s Premium is the right way to go. It is low maintenance, and withstands all weathers. For beginners, we have a simplified instruction for your brand new lawn using Pearls Premium! So we can help every step of the way! 


First, you will want to install 3’’ to 4’’ of good loosened topsoil. Then spread the organic fertilizer and Pearl’s Premium lawn seed according to the concentration shown on the back of the bag. Also, water in the morning and the evening for only 1 month, from then on the watering that will be needed will reduce dramatically. Which is one of the many benefits of choosing Pearl’s Premium, so you can save on your water bills. Then, consider using again the organic fertilizer and spread it about 1/4’’ or even use compost tea which will add lots of nutrients. Then once the lawn seed is established, cut 3-4 inches high and always make sure the blade on your lawn mower is sharp. Continue to over-seed the following season to create the thickest possible lawn. 


For the more advanced gardeners, the instructions for starting your new lawn, involve a few different techniques. First install the topsoil bed, and install again 3’’- 4’’ of loosened topsoil. Then add nutrients by spreading a small amount of organic compost, which will still be a 1/4’’ layer. Then spread the seed at 15 seeds per square inch, to ensure a thick lawn. Apply with a spreader going in two directions at right angles to each other for an evenly distributed spread.  Then consider hydro-seeding for your lawn. This may require a professional, but is best if you have a substantial slope or are seeding under doubtful weather conditions. Make sure they add a tackifier to the hydro-seed mix to ensure the seeds stay in place until germination occurs. Next, roll seeds into dirt with an empty roller which is good for soil contact especially if you have any kind of slope. Next, water everyday for only 3 weeks in the morning for about 30 minutes then later in the after noon again for about 20 minutes and make sure never to water after 5pm to avoid fungal disease. Lastly, over-seed the following season, and make sure to cut when the grass is dry, and with a sharp blade.


With these helpful tips you will be able to enjoy your lush and organic lawn! For further detail visit our website!