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Pearl's Premium Saves You Time, Money & Water!

Mar 24 2015

Pearl's Premium will save you hundred of dollars in lawn care! From watering, fertilizer, to moving each season! It is drought tolerant grass and grows slowly, and only needs to be cut once a month! What more could you ask for!

Pearl's Premium thrives without chemicals and pesticides as well. It also eliminates hours of lawn mowing and lawn maintenance at month. Also it cuts your carbon footprint! This is because it has less chemicals, requires less watering, needs less mowing, and provides more oxygen. If your lawn is properly maintained, it produces dramatically less carbon than the typical American lawn!

Pearl's Premium also stands up to heat, and grows in deep shade! There is no reason not to have a beautiful lawn because Pearl's Premium accommodates to every need! It creates a lush beautiful organic lawn and is eco friendly and stays green all year long!

Sounds too good to be true? Check out what some of our customers think!

"I haven't got to use this lawn seed yet (it was still snowing as of yesterday!!) but I really wanted to include this awesome eco-friendly and organic Pearl's Premium grass seed this Earth Day week!

There are so many great features of this grass seed: it requires mowing only once a month rather than every week (the mower in your house will LOVE that!!), it needs NO chemical fertilizer, rarely needs water once established, and looks like a lush green lawn year-round! It is like a dream lawn!!

I recommend Pearl's Premium Lawn Seed for all households that are planning to plant grass/lawn or need to fix their existing one! It is easy to plant and doesn't require much maintenance once established!! Best of all, there are no toxic chemicals involved to harm your loved ones or the Earth!"