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Pearl's Premium is changing the Face of Lawn Care

Feb 12 2015

Pearl's Premium is changing the Face of Lawn Care

UnitedStates – 11 February 2015 – What's the point of having a lush, green lawn when kids and pets can't even enjoy it? Today, lawncare is one of the major reasons why so much chemical run off is polluting the water systems. A nice lawn can be had without ruining the environment. Unfortunately, it is difficult to succeed with this strategy when only harsh chemicals are available to most consumers. The solution to this problem is Pearl'sPremium. Pearl's Premium, a nationally established lawn care company, is taking a step towards change by both making lawns greener and ensuring the protection of the environment. Pearl's Premium offers the top soil and seeding solutions that do not harm the environment. Using natural materials, Pearl's Premium works with nature instead of against it. With a specialized grass seed not sold anywhere else, Pearl's Premium brings lawn care to a higher standard.

Unfortunately, Eco-friendly grass seeds have the stigma of being high maintenance. However, Pearl's Premium grass seedlings are specially formed so they aren't a hassle. In fact, Pearl's Premium's seeds can resist long periods of drought and will grow in high heat, or in the shade. Expensive and destructive fertilizers are not necessary. The only additives needed are just nature's free products: water and sunshine. Pearl's Premium's special formula creates better seeds that will make lawns treated with it the talk of the neighborhood. Lawn care creates massive amounts of chemicals, such as petroleum and pesticides, which can cause problems for homeowners, wildlife, and the water system. Pearl's Premium seeds can grow without fertilizer, removing the need for dangerous chemicals. Pearl's Premium seeds are made so they can survive in high heat environments, so those living in arid areas won't have to spend the money for expensive irrigation systems.This will allow homeowners to both save money and also avoid wasting filtered water for humans to be wasted on grass.

Pearl's Premium is currently offering their productsonline at, to learn more about their company and products visit their website.

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