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Organic Lawn Seed!

Mar 2 2015

Finally, a safe lawn seed! Pearl’s Premium Lawn Seed is all organic and safe for your entire family. Not only is it safe, but it is saving our water supply as well.  It is estimated that lawn care uses 50% of our county’s potable water. With other lawn seeds, it might be necessary to have to water your lawn all the time, which is a waste.  However, with Pearl’s Premium watering frequently is not necessary, and can help conserve the water. Remember, water shortages from you or your neighbors lawn care may lead to increased water prices for everyone! 

  Many chemicals are involved in making a lawn with non organic lawn seed. 50% to 80% of lawn care chemicals run off lawns with rain and into storm drains, ending up in watersheds or local ponds, causing out of control weeds. Then, to compensate for all the excessive weeds, further expensive herbicides are used. All of these pesticides and fertilizers contribute to the contamination of our drinking water and other surface water supplies. Not only is  Pearl’s Premium safe for our water, but for our homes as well. The dangerous chemicals in other lawn seeds are extremely harmful. The chemicals in those lawn seeds sit on the grass that our kids and amimals step on and then track into our homes which then linger and contaminate eveything that they have touched. For everyone’s safety, organic lawn seed is a must. 

  Pearl’s Premium is the safest way to grow a beautiful lawn! Check out our website today for further eco friendly tips for lawn care!