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No Cost Upfront Financing Options for Cemeteries

Jul 7 2021


Pearl's Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn grows in all 50 states, and has financing options available to eliminate upfront costs of buying and installing our grass. You can have a lush, dark-green, cost-saving lawn, in as little as one month. Incredible Bank services the cemetery and funeral home industry, universities and schools, offering an upfront finance program. The bank may pay the total cost of the lawn seed, optional organic kill-off of existing grass, and possibly the hydro-seeding installation. A good credit score may qualify you for a loan. For more information call Trevor Pierson at the Incredible Bank - 807-368-1265.

With no up-front cost of buying and installing, you will see quick monthly savings by going from weekly to monthly mowing, as well as savings on water, fertilizer, and little to no pesticide/chemical use - a quick payback for the seed and installation cost.

There are additional savings from current low interest rates. The following are approximate numbers to specified to your site:

Assume that a total annual cost of lawn seed, chemicals, equipment, water and labor maintenance is $350,000/year.After planting Pearl's Premium, your annual maitenance drops by 75% to only $87,000/year.The loan re-payent at 6% would cost $46,629/year. Your new annual cost for all of the above would be $87,000 for the cost of grass, installation, plus the bank cost of $46,629, or approximately $133,629/year. A nearly two-thirds savings!

Or, if your total annual cost of seed, chemicals, equipment, water and labor maintenance is $1,000,000/year, after planting Pearl's Premium, your annual lawn cost drops by 75% to only $250,000/year. The loan re-payment of 6% would cost $133,225/year. Your new annual cost for all of the above would be $250,000 for the cost grass and install, plus the loan cost of $133,225, or approximately $383,225/year. A nearly two-thirds annual savings!

Including an every other year, light fall over-seeding, your total annual cost goes down to approximately 50% of what you are now paying. This dramatic dollar savings is in addition to dramatic time and water savings, and a more beautiful looking lawn that is dar, emerald green. A better-looking property helps make you the preferred sustainable business in your area. See the following for additional cost-saving value:

  • 75% less mowing-only once a month rather than weekly, for a more peaceful property with less air and noise pollution               
  • Crews have more time for bushes, trees and overall look of the property                               
  •  Uses 75% less water                                           
  • Up to 4-foot deep roots allow for fewer weeds without using chemicals and far better drought tolerance                                                          
  • Dark green lawn compliments monuments, markers and buildings                                       
  • No need for chemicals means no discoloring of markers                                                            
  • Evergreen year round - even in winter cold and summer heat                                                     
  • Deep roots prevent soil erosion and soil collapse                                                            
  • 75% less use and maintenance of equipment, and 75% less wear with 4x longer lifespan         
  • Less mowing and weed whacking means less damage to markers, buildings and monuments
  • No need for chemicals means the property is safe for people, pets and the planet                    
  • Sequesters 8X the carbon helping lessen climate change, global warming and extreme weather conditions                                                          
  • Grows in full sun and under trees in deep shade, in all climates of the world