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Low Maintenance and Beautiful Lawns!

Feb 6 2015

How can a lawn be both low maintenance and beautiful? Pearl’s Premium lawn seed is how! With our grass seed blends we enable an ultra low maintenance approach to lawn care that can save you time and money! So you can look forward to less mowing, watering and treating! 

  Not only will you have to spend less time on your lawn while maintaining eye catching grass, it is also safe for your pets and for you! With our seed blends, we can help you create lush and barefoot soft grass, greener year-round (even in winter) lawns, and using organic lawn care products like ours reduces chemicals on lawns, paws and feet! Which is wonderful news on making sure you, your family, and your pets all stay healthy! Our organic lawn care also will help cut your carbon footprint and protects lakes and rivers from chemical run-off. 

 Whether you need a whole new lawn, or just need to fix the one you have, we can help! We have easy step by step installation instructions for any need you have, with both a simplified version and an in depth one. With spring just around the corner, make sure your lawns are in tip top shape, and with our help it will be easy! Our products start as low as $35.95 and will help you for your low maintenance and beautiful lawns!