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Healthy Lawn Tips!

Feb 12 2015

With Pearl's Premium Lawn Seed, you can not only have a healthy and beautiful looking lawn, but can also be eco-friendly! Here are some tips on how to keep your lawn eco-friendly year round, as well as save dramatic amounts of time, money and water and prevent most weeds without resorting to harmful chemicals!

First tip is to surface rake your lawn. This is to clear any stones, or old dead thatches. In the spring time, only rake the surface of the not go deep. This is to avoid raking up weed seeds below the surface of the soil and having them grow. A helpful tip would be to not use a heavy rigid metal rake but any other rake will do.

Second tip is to test and adjust the ph of the soil. To do this, test your soil and find the perfect amount of pellet lime to top spread to bring your pH up if it is lower than 6.0. Ideal pH is between 6 and 7.0. If your pH is over 7.0, use a little sulphur to bring the pH down. Being in this pH of 6 to 7 will help grass growth with no weeds.

Third tip would be to core aerate to loosen your top couple inches of soil. Using a core aeration self propelled machine you can rent or hire someone to do it, to punch holes in the soil will help air and water get to the roots. You do not rake away the finger size soil core the machine pulls out. Just leave them there and they dissolve over the next week.

Fourth optional tip, a bit of work but produces the ultimate looking lawn and also lessens weeds to spread 1/4 inch of organic compost on your soil. This optional and very helpful tip only needs to be done once a year. This will really lower the amount of weeds in your lawn. If you do not spread a 1/4 inch of compost, then spread a little organic fertilizer three times a year, in the late spring and early and mid fall

Fifth optional tip, purchase liquid or concentrated compost tea. This can be easily found at any garden store and it brings back natural ingredients for your lawn to grow healthy.

Sixth tip is to water less. Avoiding watering your lawn in hot weather. In very very hot weather deep water it in the morning once a week. This will help grow our maximum deep 12 to 14 inch roots and also help get rid of any weeds you have growing. So you want to water deeply and once or twice a week in the serious heat of summer

Next tip, would be to make sure you mow your lawn with a sharp blades that is resharpened every 10 hours. You can do it yourself by unplugging the spark plug so it can not start up by accident, lean the mower up forward, and then file the blade at the angle of the bevel, then lower the mower and reconnect the spark plug wire. This sharpening only takes 2 minutes and you will have a fantastic looking lawn with a sharp cut rather than a jagged tear with 3 times the surface area to dry out the lawn and let in disease. Make sure you never cut too much off at a time, never cut more than a third of the height of the lawn at a time. Cut 3.5 inches tall to shade the soil and prevent weed seeds sitting on the soil from sprouting.

A thickly planted Pearl's Premium lawn, that is mowed 3.5 inches tall once a month, with corrected pH between 6.0 and 7.0, and is core aerated has very few weeds.

Find more tips on making your lawn a healthy and eco-friendly one on our website!