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Special Offer for Green Build 2010 Attendees

Save $15 on a 5 lb bag. Makes a great GREEN holiday gift and stores until spring!

Enter code "GreenBuild" at checkout to get your special $15 off bag of Pearl's Premium Lawn Seed.

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* ends December 15, 2010
Why You Should Use Pearl's Premium for Your Next Green Build Project

Our patent-pending grass seed blends are making the lawn as innovative as the green buildings it showcases!  

The secret is in the roots and the very slow growth. Deep roots (up to 12" deep after 1 year) tap into naturally occurring moisture reduces water requirements. The slow growth (as little as 1/4 the rate of bluegrass) reduces mowing and nutrient requirements substantially.
  • Drought tolerant - water to establish then seldom or never again
  • Slow growing - mow once every 3-4 weeks
  • Thrives without chemicals - avoid harmful exposure
  • Green design compatible - raise your LEED score
Less mowing, less watering and no chemicals means less money out of your pocket and a healthier environment for your people, pets & planet!

Sounds too good to be true? We have surpassed 5,000 residential and commercial lawns installed and garnered 37 favorable and rave reviews. Pearl's Premium is sold in Whole Foods Markets in the Northeast and direct to commercial and residential builders across the country.

Be a Planet Hero; choose Pearl's Premium for your next project!
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