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The Review Stew ~ Pearl's Premium Eco-Friendly Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed

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Changing the air we breathe can start right in our own backyard in the grass seed we use!

A breakthrough sustainable grass seed is saving home owners on watering, mowing and fertilizer, while
 preserving drinking water supplies and protecting consumers from the health risks of lawn care chemicals — including sexual dysfunction and cancer — and preventing irrigation waste.

Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed is the result of eight years of research and development by scientist and environmental expert Jackson Madnick, who said Pearl’s Premium grows at one quarter the rate of blue grass, requiring mowing only once a month rather than every week. With 12-inch roots capturing moisture, Pearl’s Premium needs NO chemical fertilizer, rarely needs water once established, and looks like a lush green lawn year-round.

Whether you install a new lower maintenance lawn or “fix” your existing lawn, Madnick advises you to cut the grass very short, seed or overseed with Pearl’s Premium, use organic fertilizer (optional), and water only until the lawn is established. Replacing your lawn with his seed will save you a dramatic amount of time, water and money.

A 5lb bag will cover up to 1,000 square feet when over-seeding an existing lawn. For denser growth or new lawn applications, this 5lb bag will cover up to 800 square feet.

My Opinion
I haven't got to use this lawn seed yet (it was still snowing as of yesterday!!) but I really wanted to include this awesome eco-friendly and organic Pearl's Premium grass seed this Earth Day week!

There are so many great features of this grass seed: it requires mowing only once a month rather than every week (the mower in your house will LOVE that!!), it needs NO chemical fertilizer, rarely needs water once established, and looks like a lush green lawn year-round! It is like a dream lawn!!

I recommend Pearl's Premium Lawn Seed for all households that are planning to plant grass/lawn or need to fix their existing one! It is easy to plant and doesn't require much maintenance once established!! Best of all, there are no toxic chemicals involved to harm your loved ones or the Earth!

Buy It: You can purchase a 5 lb bag of Pearl's Premium Lawn Seed for $35.95 onPearl's Premium website.