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The Number One Most Asked Question:

Q: Do I have to rip up my old lawn to put in Pearl's Premium?
A: No, you can over-seed an existing lawn with Pearl's Premium. However, effort is required, particularly if you have a healthy, organic lawn. Read our Installation Instructions for Over-seeding Existing Lawns.

Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What should I do to prepare my newly planted lawn for the winter? The Pearl’s Premium grass is now 2-3 inches tall; the remaining old grass is about five inches tall, and I have a lot of fallen leaves in some areas. Should I mow? Should I blow or rake the leaves off of the new grass?

A: In the fall, use a leaf blower to remove most of the leaves. If you do not have a blower, carefully rake away dry leaves. Then, check to make sure your mower blade is sharp. For this final fall cut, reset the mower to a lower setting, so you’re cutting the lawn down to 2 ½ inches high (during the summer, set the sharpened mower blade higher, so the grass stays 3-4 inches tall at all times). It’s OK to leave a small amount of leaves on the lawn to be mulched in by your mulching lawn mower for the final cut of the fall season. Continue to use the leaf blower periodically to keep leaves from shading the grass, and so that acids from a heavy layer of decomposing leaves don’t kill the new grass.

Next spring, it is good to over-seed once more in the early spring with Pearl's Premium Lawn seed, and put down a little organic fertilizer to help your lawn thicken up. The grass needs to be at least 3 ½ inches high to shade the soil before the annual crab grass seeds sprout when the soil temperature reaches 70 degrees F. Most of the annual Crab grass is easy to get rid of with tall cut and thick seeding of Pearl's Premium grass. Perennial weeds like Creeping Charlie may get an early start, so some hand-pulling may also be helpful. See also weed tips at the end of our installation instructions.

Q: How can I store my seed over the winter?

A: If properly stored below 90 degrees and above 40 degrees, the seed will last 18 months from the testing date on the back of the bag. It can be used after that, but will have a lower sprouting rate. If you have unopened bags of seed left over, just store it. If opened, just seal up our self-sealing bag, squeezing out excess air. Whether you plan to overseed in the early spring or did not get a chance to get your seed in this fall, properly stored seed will be ready for use in the spring. Keep your seed from freezing by storing it in your cool dry basement (not your unheated garage or shed). Place the bags in a plastic tub or metal container so mice can not get to these tasty seeds!

Q: Is Pearl’s Premium good for sun, shade and deep shade?
A: Pearl's Premium will grow well almost anywhere. (Unless the soil stays wet all the time or does not drain). We have two different seed mixes, each custom blended for different amounts of sun. Choose either the "Sunny Mix" for areas with full sun down to 50% sun per day or the "Shady Mix", for 50 percent sun or partial to full shade.