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Imagine Mowing Only 5 Times Per Year!

Amazing breakthrough by PhD's help to create this natural slow grow grass seed mix that uses 80% less water, no chemical fertilizer and grows 4 x slower!

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If you've always dreamed of having a great looking lawn, but weren't wild about all the maintenance, money and time that goes into keeping it up, then we've got the solution you've been looking for! Pearl's Premium Grass Seed is your ticket to a beautiful, vibrant lawn, without all of that fuss, and it's taking the home and garden world by storm! With a Pearl's Premium lawn, you not only get to enjoy that lush, emerald green lawn we all covet, but you get to save dramatic amounts of time, water AND money.

Why? Because our grass seed mixture is designed specifically to grow beautifully without the need for excess water or expensive, harsh chemical treatments. In fact, a Pearl's Premium lawn is so low maintenance, you'll only need to mow it once a month – if at all! Pearl's Premium Grass Seed is the only grass seed where 6 years of research was done to design a sustainable (needs little to no water) and eco-friendly (no chemical fertilizer needed) lawn, allowing you to save time, money, and the environment all in one go!

Pearl's Premium Grass Seed was created for homeowners just like you, to reduce your carbon footprint in 4 ways, as Pearl’s Premium is also an oxygen producing carbon sink, without having to sacrifice a great-looking lawn in the process – no wasted water from constant watering, no more toxic chemical treatments and fertilizers that harm the environment, and no more wasted fuel from constant mowing! A Pearl's Premium lawn is always low maintenance and always beautiful!

Pearl’s Premium In The News: A Look at the End Results

We have received 34 rave reviews by lawn, agricultural, and environmental experts in the media:

“Jackson Madnick may have designed the perfect lawn grass. It’s not just about looks, but also about low maintenance, conserving energy, protecting the environment, and even knocking a couple hundred dollars off your water bill.” - Robert Knox, Boston Globe

“The Holy Grail for many home owners...grows so slowly that it only needs mowing once a month.” - Charlie Nardozzi, National Gardening Association

“Come September I'll be making changes to my lawn.” - Kerry Healy - Former Mass. Lt. Govn, NPR commentator - WGBH 89.7

“Mow just once a month...” - Meghan Dockendorf, Assistant Editor This Old House Magazine

This Sounds Too Good to Be True! Can You Tell Me More?

How was Pearl’s Premium created? Did you genetically modify the seeds?

So I don't need chemical fertilizer with Pearl's Premium Grass Seed?

Can I use organic fertilizer if I want to? Would there be a benefit to doing so?

There are literally hundreds of different varieties of grass out there, but only a handful of them are used for the average lawn, and they just aren't the most efficient choices for the job! We set out to change that, and after 8 years of dedicated research and development, we created Pearl's Premium Grass Seed – a special, patent-pending, all natural, native mixture of slow-growing grass varieties that need little to no water without sacrificing great looks in the bargain – no genetic modification required!

No! A Pearl's Premium lawn never needs a chemical fertilizer to stay healthy and beautiful. Our grass seed mixture is comprised mainly of Fescue grass, which is slow-growing and has long, deep roots designed to find water naturally. The average lawn is made from Blue grass or Rye grass, varieties that require more nutrients because they grow so quickly and have shallow roots that go through water and fertilizer much faster, and need constant replenishing.

Yes, absolutely! Pearl's Premium Grass Seed is crafted to produce a beautiful lawn, and with an application or two of organic, eco-friendly fertilizer, you'll find your lawn is even more vibrant and healthy. Of course, you can also use organic fertilizers on any lawn – but the average lawn needs a whole lot more of it, sometimes more than 8 applications a year! With a Pearl's Premium lawn, however, you'll only need to use your organic fertilizer once or twice a year, saving you time and money.

The Truth About Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides:

Is your lawn safe for your kids and pets?

Small Boy

Health Magazine featured a story about the 12 most toxic things in your home environment, noting that a chemically-maintained lawn is the single most toxic thing inside or outside your home!

What ends up in our homes affects children, animals and others. Lawn care chemicals and pesticides get carried into homes on shoes, paws and air currents. Once inside, pesticides linger in carpets, on toys and in the air we breathe. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection claims that pesticide and chemical exposure is responsible for an alarming increase in several health problems in children, the elderly, and our furry friends.

Pearl’s Premium needs NO chemical fertilizers and pesticides to stay healthy. Protect your loved ones today by investing in a safer lawn!

How Much Can Pearl's Premium Save Me?

Let’s take a look at how much money Pearl’s Premium will actually SAVE you.

Why are the costs for Pearl’s Premium so much lower?

A lawn seeded with Pearl’s Premium needs far less seeding, mowing, watering, and fertilizing than a lawn seeded with common grass seed. For a small lawn of 3,000 sq. ft., Pearl’s Premium can save you up to $1,248.56 or more! For larger lawns, the savings only gets better!

For comparison, let’s say you have a 3,000 square foot lawn.

Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Grass Seed vs. Current Grass

Comparison Table *(3) 5lb. bags of Pearl’s Premium vs. (15) 10lb bags of Scott’s covering 3000 sq. ft. & these assumptions

This one is easy – it's all about the roots! A Pearl's Premium lawn costs less to maintain because of the way the grass grows. Pearl's Premium Grass Seed produces a lawn full of slow-growing grass that rarely, if ever, needs mowed. Its roots are much longer than the average lawn's, allowing the grass to quest deeper into the soil for its own water, which eliminates that high water bill in the summer from running the sprinklers. And a Pearl's Premium lawn does not need constant chemical fertilizer applications to stay looking great – just an application or two of natural, organic fertilizer a year.

What Our Customers Have to Say About Pearls’ Premium


"We seeded our front lawn last spring with Pearl's Premium and were fortunate to have a very wet spring/early summer. By fall, we could see the difference one seeding had made: a denser lawn and already fewer weeds. We decided to seed the back lawn this spring and to overseed the front. We are very pleased with the results so far and hope for an even lower-maintenance lawn after this season. We recommend Pearl's Premium to anyone who wants to put away the lawnmower and turn off the sprinklers." -Gwenn, Wakefield, MA


"We cannot begin to say enough good things about this (Pearl's Premium Lawn Seed) product. I originally learned about Pearl's through a donation to the North South River Watershed Association ( We have struggled with the "traditional" big-box store multi-stage solutions, spent tons of money on fertilizer and lots of hard work that still left me wondering what I was still doing wrong ... If you are still hoping to have a pretty green lawn this summer and are thinking you must be doing something wrong, spend a few extra bucks once, give this stuff a try and just relax. “ - Steve, Norwell, MA


“We are coming up on one year since planting. We thoroughly enjoyed all the compliments last summer after the great crop of grass came up!

We love your product and are sharing the word with others on our lake. We look forward to improving the density every year, and enjoying the overall quality. Thanks!” - Rita, Lakeside in Minnesota

Say “Goodbye” to Expensive, Time Consuming Lawncare and “Hello” to Pearl's Premium!

We know that you are going to love your new Pearl's Premium lawn! With Pearl's Premium, you can have a sustainable, eco-friendly yard that doesn't eat up a ton of your time or your monthly budget. Easy to install and so easy to care for, your Pearl's Premium lawn will be the talk (and the envy!) of the neighborhood.

It's time you had the lawn you've always dreamed of having. With Pearl's Premium Grass Seed, there's no more wasted water, no more wasted time and fuel from mowing all the time, no more harmful, harsh, and toxic chemical fertilizers to keep it looking good – just a gorgeous green lawn that practically takes care of itself!

pearls premium grass seed buy pearl premium sunny mixture

For lawns with 50% or more sunshine. One 5lb. bag per 1,000 sq. ft. lawn.

Not Sure Whether to Buy the Sunny or Shady Mixture?


For lawns that sit in direct sunlight for more than half of the day, we would recommend our Pearl’s Premium sunny mixture.

If you’re lawn is shaded for at least half of the day, our Pearl’s Premium shady mixture would be better suited.

We recommend a 5lb. bag for every 1,000 sq. ft. of lawn - or seed extra heavy at 7-8 lbs per 1,000 sq ft to crowd out weeds in a sunny lawn. Have a large lawn? We also offer a 25lb. bulk package in both sunny and shady mixtures!

pearls premium grass seed buy pearl premium shady mixture

For lawns with 50% or more shade. One 5lb. bag per 1,000 sq. ft. lawn.